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NEW! We've developed online planning kits for the DIY crowd that anyone can master. 

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Our DIY Planning Kit is a simple to use guide that utilizes easy-to-answer questions, checklists and forms against traditional business and planning life cycles and their required components. And because we've made this kit cyclical in nature, you can return to it for launching new products or services, for planning annual marketing efforts, or even for updating your budget in the new year...any time you have a change to your business!

This kit comes packed with 6 different plans & 2 bonus outlines including:

  • Business Plan & Executive Summary

  • Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Annual Plan & Evaluations

  • Pitch Deck

Planning Kit


Our DIY Marketing Kit is a great package for all small businesses looking to map out their marketing initiatives, as well as HOW to put things into action. We provide you with thorough guides, outlines, templates and more to help you along. This kit covers:

  • Marketing Plan (7 P's)

  • Core Branding & Online Presence, including Websites & Content

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Activities Mapping

  • Preparing Items such as Media Kits, Onesheets, Sellsheets

  • Campaigning, Advertising & Promotion

  • Operations & Evaluations

  • and Much More!

Marketing Kit


Our DIY Startup Kit is designed for new small businesses that need help getting started but don't know what to do. This is a 4-Part kit that covers everything you need to know and do when starting your business. We'll guide you through each of the following:

  • Planning

  • Marketing

  • Systems

  • Operations

Already started your business but don't know what you need to do next? This kit is a great way to identify what's left and HOW to finish those remaining pieces. 

Startup Kit
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